What Golf Towels are Right for Me?

What Golf Towels are Right for Me?

What Golf Towels are right for me?

A few days ago another golfer came to www.Greenstowel.com with the most frequently asked golf towel question – What Golf Towels are right for me? Our customer was looking for the best golf towels on the market for his own personal needs?  Considering microfiber golf towels have been such a hot topic lately, this is a question we’re fielding more often,  and it’s a great one to ask if you’re looking into new golf towels! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key components you may want to consider when buying your golf towels.

At Greens Towel, we invite our customers to participate in our online survey where we ask them to tell us what golf towel features are most important to them.

In the first section of the Survey we remind our participants of the 5 Key ingredients to consider before buying golf towels:

  1. Absorption Speed – Almost every golfer is frustrated by golf towels that do not absorb quickly. If water runs off your golf towel like the back of a duck the towel is a useless bag ornament. What’s amazing is how many expensive towels are sold that won’t event absorb water! Be careful not to over pay for a great looking towel that doesn’t absorb.
  2. Cleaning Speed – This feature is probably what sets microfiber far ahead of cotton. Microfiber golf towels attract dirt like a magnet! In fact we had one customer actually complain about our Greens Towels because they worked too well! He was amazed that dirt and debris would actually cling to the towels and get dirty when he was not using them? If the towel you are looking at just smudged dirt around and doesn’t remove it from your equipment quickly, you may want to look into a microfiber golf towel.
  3. Ease of Attachment – If you have to push hard to open and close your golf towel clip, or if you need to line it up to close it – you have out dated technology. Keep it convenient Keep it simple. Easy-to-use clips are the mantra for today’s golf towels!
  4. Feel to the Skin – If microfiber has a negative vs. cotton – we would put it in this category. As a rule, you will find that cotton golf towels feel better against your skin than microfiber golf towels. For this reason many of today’s golfers carry 2 golf towels on their bag – a small microfiber towel for cleaning and a larger cotton towel for personal use.
  5. Price vs. Name Brand – For some golfers, money is not an issue. But for many golfers, the thought of paying $20.00 for a golf towel is a tough decision. That is why so many Pro Shops across the USA are now stocking a few golf towel options for customers.  Some golfers have their favorite golf brands and like to support them, while others are in search of a good product at a good price and brand is irrelevant. The better golf shops understand that not every golfer is looking for a souvenir!

Consider these 5 criteria before you select your next golf towel, and you will be satisfied!

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