Charity Golf Tournament Donations Package

Greens Towel Donations Program

We know you need great gifts for your players, AND you need to save money for your charitable cause. That is why we created our 50% matching donations program for Charity Golf Tournament Fundraisers. We will donate one Greens Towel for each one you buy at our regular price of $4.50. You can order any quantity 12 or higher. We will also donate the shipping costs. For example: If you need 36 Greens Towels you buy 18 and we donate 18, cost will be only $81.00, If you need 72 Greens Towels you buy 36 and we donate 36, cost will be only $162.00, If you need 144 Greens Towels you buy 72 and we donate 72, cost will be only $324.00.

Logos are not included, we subcontract our custom work and must charge for all logos.

We have helped over 1000 Charity Tournaments and Small Golf Fundraisers with our Matching Donations. We understand you need give as much as possible back to your charity.

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