Red Golf Towels

Why are Red Golf Towels the Best Tournament Gifts

If you are looking to make an impact with your outing prizes, think about red custom logo microfiber golf towels.

Red Logo Microfiber Golf Towels      Red Custom Logo Golf TowelsRed Microfiber Golf Towel

If red isn’t our most loved color, why is everything red so popular?

Even Bulls are attracted to Red.

Here is a short list of Red Favorites:

Red Sox, Cardinals, Nationals, Diamondbacks, Angels, and of course the REDS

The Marines  US Marines Golf Ball Marker



Red Wings

The Red Cross

Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC, Indiana and NEBRASKA

Have you ever heard of a “yellow” solo cup?

Chiefs, Patriots, 49ers, and the REDSKINS

Fire Trucks – Everyone wanted to be a fireman at some time.

Rockets and the BULLS

Tees Made in the USA

We don’t call old glory White, Blue and Red




Christmas is Red, just ask Santa

I know, there is much meaning behind red but that’s what makes it so special. Okay, did I make the point yet? Go ahead, put a RED Golf Towel in your golf tournament gift bags and watch how your players light up. They’ll put it on their golf bags and your goody bag investment will produce great returns.

Let us know how you used Cardinal Red Greens Towel as a golfers outing gift and we might send you something special. I wonder what color it will be?

Post with your favorite red team and we’ll add it to the list.