What Golf Tournament Gifts are best for OUR Limited Budget?

What Golf Tournament Gifts are best for OUR Limited Budget?

What Golf Tournament Gifts are Best for OUR Limited Budget?

A few days ago another tournament committee member asked us the question we hear most: What Golf Tournament Gifts are best for our limited budget if we want to give everything back to our Charity?

Many golf tournaments want to make positive impressions with their golf tournament gifts selection, without having to spend too much on them! This dilemma is very common, and fits well with our Hot Selling Microfiber Greens Towel. So when I explained our Charitable Donations Policy it was an easy solution for her. Considering microfiber golf towels have been such a hot topic lately, (every golfer can use a new golf towel) she went ahead and took advantage of our fundraiser donations special.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 reasons why if you have a limited budget, you may want to put a Microfiber Greens Towel in your goodie bags.  Consider these as you search for the perfect golf tournament gifts:

  1. Budget – Almost every golf tournament has a budget number they need to stay under. But even if the golf tournament gifts are donated, if they go in the trash, you made a bad selection. Be careful not to select an outing gift that players never use.
  2. Long Term Impressions – This feature is probably what sets new microfiber golf towels ahead of golf balls. If your participants are using the golf towel every time they play, even if it is without a logo they will remember where it came from. Golf balls are very personal and usually end up in a pond, players prefer their favorite brand and expensive balls won’t fit your limited budget.
  3. Golfing Gifts are Better – If you are trying to find a magic non-golfing gift to surprise players with, just remember you are likely to impress a small percentage of the participants. Bottom line: You have a group of golfers – Select a golfing gift! Tee Shirts go to the Good Will, Pens go in the drawer, Calendars go in the trash. Easy-to-use Golf Towels are a great golfing gift.
  4. Logo or No Logo (it’s 50-50) – Many Tournament Committees want their logo on the tournament gifts. But one of the best ways to stay under budget is to select gifts that don’t need a logo! Many players don’t want a logo, and won’t wear a logo cap or T-shirt. Try saving the money you would spend on the logo for your Charity. For this reason many of today’s golf outings are selecting golf tournament gifts without a logo.
  5. Name Brand or Not – For some golfers, brand names matter, others prefer not to have a brand logo. But for most fundraiser golf tournaments, the thought of paying extra for a brand name goes against the grain. That is why so many Tournament Committees are now selecting high quality gifts that are “Non-Name Brands”. The better event planners understand that not every golfer will want the same Brand Name.

Consider these 5 criteria before you select your next golf tournament gifts, and you will be satisfied!

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