The Best Golf Towel under 5 Dollars

The Best Golf Towel under 5 Dollars

The Best Golf Towel Under 5 Dollars

Pro Shops are recommending that golfers keep a Greens Towel with them for 5 reasons.

  1. Keeps Golf Balls Clean – Most approach shots result in dirty, grass stained golf balls. Many golfers bring a Greens Towel to the green, making it easy to clean their ball and make more putts. Players won’t bring an oversize towel to the green, but a Greens Towel is perfect sized. Some golf shops now suggest a Greens Towel with every purchase of golf balls, and offer an assortment of Greens Towels at check out so customers can buy one on the way out.
  2. Cleans Iron & Wedge Grooves – Great approach shots often take a divot. Dirt fills grooves quickly leaving your next shot compromised. Greens Towel works like a Dirt Magnet on club grooves. Many golfers keep a pocket towel to wipe grooves. Greens Towels are the #1 pocket towel used by thousands of golfers every day. The best golf retailers recommend Greens Towels with every wedge purchase.  
  3. Wipes Off Putters – Putters will often have dirt/grass cling-on’s, especially on wet days and early morning play. When your putter blade fills with grass and sandy dirt, it can negatively effect your putt. Greens Towel is unmatched at quickly removing dirt and grass from putter blades. It’s easy to wipe your putter with a Greens Towel before you putt. 
  4. Cleans ShoesShoes fill up with dirt and grass along the seam between the upper and the lower. Microfiber Greens Towels are the best golf towel to quickly remove grass and dirt from golf shoes. The best golf shops remember to suggest a Greens Towels with every shoe purchase, so golfers can buy one to keep their shoes in top playing condition.
  5. Saves Big TowelsMany golfers now employ a 2 towel system, a branded/logo towel combined with a Greens Towel. Big towels are awesome, but they are not portable! Greens Towels are  recommended every time golfers buy a big towel. Greens Towels preserve your bigger towels for your personal and hygiene needs. Players clean their hands, arms and face with the bigger towel, keeping grass, dirt, fertilizer, pesticides and animal droppings to Greens Towel. Today’s golf shops recommend a Greens Towel be considered with every big towel purchase.

The best golf retailers help customers enjoy the game. Ask your shop about the best golf towel under $5.00. Microfiber Greens Towels!


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