2 Side Black Basic Golf Club Brush

Golf Club Brush
2 sided groove brush

Golf Club Brush – Black Basic

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Need a new golf club brush? Golfers want to keep their equipment in clean condition. To do that, they need a 2 sided club brush clipped on their bag so it is handy when they need it. The best players never play a shot with dirt in their golf club grooves. That is why many golfers place a golf club groove brush on their golf bags.

Golf Club Brush

  •  Easy-to-Use

Golf Club Brush comes with an easy-to-use “Thumb down” clip to attach quickly to a golf bag.

  •  2 Sides – Steel & Nylon

Use either steel or nylon to remove the mud from golf club grooves to maximize on spin rate. Play better. Never miss a shot because of dirty golf equipment.

  • Affordable Price

The Golf Club Brush by Clip Wipes is perfect companion to a Microfiber Greens Towel. There is no more useful golfer gift than our Duo Packs.

Price: $4.00$3.99
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