Evolution Tees 3.25″ 30 Piece Pack

Evolution 3.25 30 Pack
Evolution Tournament Golf Tees

Evolution Tees 3.25″ 30 Piece Pack

Evolution Tees 3.25″ 30 Piece Pack is one of the most popular tees on tour. Many of the finest golf shops promote Evolution Tees as their best performance tee. (PTS) Evolution is a plastic performance tee engineered with special low-resistance tips that create less friction between the golf ball and tee – resulting in longer drives. Every golfer wants longer and straighter drives and Evolution delivers.

Evolution Tee 3.25"

Featuring durable ABS material, each Evolution tee is designed to last longer and provide you with the most consistent hitting height every time. Hit it long…hit it straight…with Evolution Tees!



Minimum order is 12 Packs

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