Size and Performance Matters in a Golf Towel!

Size and Performance Matters in a Golf Towel!

Size and Performance Matters in a golf towel

At Greens Towel, we survey many golfers to find out what matters most to them in golf towel. Here are our survey results so far:

1. Size Matters – 96% of Golfers don’t find an oversize golf towel to be inconvenient. For cleaning, players prefer a towel that is small, light weight, portable, and does not drag on the ground.

2. Absorption Matters Р94% of Players indicate they want their golf towel to absorb fast and remove dirt quickly. Players are fed up with new golf towels that that repel water and smear dirt rather than take it away.

3. Price Matters – 86% of golfers will not over pay for a golf souvenir towel, when they want a golf cleaning towel. They will not buy anything else in the shop either. If they want a souvenir bag ornament, they’ll buy one.

4. Easy-to-use Matters – 84% of our surveys indicate players are really bothered by cheap, obsolete attachment clips and wonder why any manufacturer would still use them. Hassle Free Clips are a must.

5. Softness Matters – 58% of golfers prefer towel fabrics that are soft, and get the job done quickly. Multiple surface golf towels appear to be more of a nuisance for our respondents.

6. Brand is a Low Priority¬†– 22% indicated the Name Brand was important. It seems most golfers don’t much care what name on their towel as long as it works.


With this valuable information, Golf Shops today should consider offering a selection of small, absorbent, fast cleaning golf towels that are low cost, easy-to-use, and feel soft.


That’s what our golfers are telling us any way, let us know what you think?



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