Optimist Junior Golf and Greens Towels

Optimist Junior Golf and Greens Towels

Hi Mark,

The Greens Towel were the perfect Optimist gift!

Green Microfiber Golf Towel

Shamrock Greens Towel

Optimist Junior Golf would like to thank you for your generous support of the Optimist Junior Golf Program.  The towels were a big hit with the golfers.  They are the perfect size and loved how they clipped to the golf bag.  We gave them as giveaways to all our participants.

We still have a four more regional tournaments to go.  Attached are some pictures that were taken at our last event.  I will be sending you more as our tournaments happen.  We also posted pictures and a thank you for your sponsorship on Facebook and Twitter.

Greens Towel

Nice shot

Our Optimist members run tournament qualifiers all over North America throughout the year and it’s possible several of them would be interested in buying your product as giveaways as well for their tournaments.   Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you again for your donation and for your consideration.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call.


Sharon Parton

Optimist Junior Golf Manager

Optimist International

4494 Lindell Blvd. • St. Louis, MO  63108