Golf Towels Have Evolved

Golf Towels Have Evolved

Golf Towels Have Evolved

In order to have a great golf experience you must have the right golf equipment, and proper golf towels can make a huge difference. This year, consider keep 3 towels on your bag. Golf towels have evolved and there are many great new golf towels, but experts now agree they should be categorized into 3 types – Cleaning Towels, Personal Use Towels, and Cooling Towels.

This year, move beyond the tradition of 1 golf towel by incorporating multiple towels with specific purposes into your golf game.

Towel #1 – For Cleaning Purposes

A small, lightweight, super-absorbent microfiber towel with an easy-to-use clip. An example of this is the Microfiber Greens Towel, Club Glove has a tandem towel set that has both a personal towel and a cleaning towel. The primary purpose for this towel is for to keep your golf balls and equipment in top playing condition. If you play a lot of golf you may go through a few of these towels in a season. You should clip it on your bag or keep it in your pocket during your round so it is there when you need it. This is your towel for dirt in you irons grooves, grass stains on your golf balls, and keeping sand off your putter. Use a cleaning towel thus preserve your personal souvenir towel for your hands and personal use exclusively. Try to avoid mixing dirt, pond water, grass stains, fertilizer and golf course chemicals onto your personal use golf towel.

Towel #2 – For Personal Use

A larger super-soft towel for your hands, face, eyes, and all other personal use. Almost every established golf brand has a souvenir towel that fits this category. Resort and Country Club logo towels usually fit this category.  Club Glove has a great oversize towel for golfers as do many of the major equipment brand. We also like the Super Caddy Towel as your best low cost option. The primary purpose for this towel is personal comfort. You will use this to stay dry, wipe off perspiration, and keep your hands, arms, head and face clean. Avoid using this towel to clean your golf equipment, shoes and golf balls.

Towel #3 – For Keeping Cool

A new category of golf towels called cooling towels has recently emerged and these towels have great merit. Cooling golf towels have the purpose of helping golfers stay cool on hot days. One brand is called the Enduracool instant cooling towel. These towels come in handy on hot summer days as they will take your temperature down and cool you off which may help you score better and enjoy the game more. Many golf retailers are now planning to stock golf cooling towels.  You will use this to stay cool on the course. Avoid using this towel to clean your golf equipment, shoes and golf balls, that is not its purpose.


A great golfing experience begins with having the right equipment, and always having the right golf towels can make a big difference.



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