Rotary Club Erin TN

Golf Tournament Gift Donations Help Rotary Club in Erin, TN

Our tournament was held Saturday and as you can see from the picture, we put 72 Greens Towels to the test in the rain and mud. Your matching golf tournament gift donations to the Erin Rotary Club’s annual Irish Day Golf Scramble was greatly appreciated. Great product and great service.

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Ray Fussell

Erin Rotary Club

Erin, TN

About us – Greens Towel

Our Company was founded in 2009 on the simple premise of creating unique microfiber towels with special purposes. Our Microfiber Golf Towels are the made of soft, plush microfiber making them the perfect golf towel and golf tournament gift. We bring them to market at the lowest possible price to make your tournament budget go farther.

Greens Towel Origins

Greens Towel was founded when our founder was in a golf shop as a golfer walked in who had lost his towel. The attendant pointed to the towels and the golfer quickly exclaimed, “Hey, I already have a second mortgage on my house, don’t you have anything affordable”?

On another occasion at a Golf Resort, there was a golfer who bought a fancy new souvenir towel. While submerging the towel in water to moisten it, he discovered that water ran off the towel like the back of a duck. The fancy towel was basically a logo bag ornament, not useful.

Traditional Cotton Golf Towels are becoming obsolete

When compared with new microfiber, old fashion cotton golf towels cost a lot and don’t perform very well. They are over priced and the under deliver, basically they should be obsolete. Microfiber cleans faster and more thoroughly. There is no comparison in the results. That’s why people who clean for a living use microfiber.

About Microfiber

Microfiber offers 7 times the absorbency and 3 times the wicking power of cotton. It is stain-resistant, and has anti-microbial characteristics that render it odor-resistant as well. Microfiber dries faster and requires less maintenance than cotton so you can wash and easily re-use. Greens Towels are the popular new towel option and golfers everywhere are buying them for about the cost of a Beer at the 19th Hole!

Company Overview – More About Us

  • Clip Wipes has over 25 years of golf business experience working with fabrics as well as e-commerce expertise.
  • Clip Wipes controls fulfillment from our warehouse in Southern California.
  • Clip Wipes keeps it simple. We present our towel products uniquely, keep our prices low, and continue to add new categories and products.
  • Clip Wipes adheres to the highest standards for data security and consumer privacy.
  • Clip Wipes has a Competitive Advantage of Factory Direct Prices and we pass those savings on to you.

Your golf tournament gift store is your headquarters for golf tournament gifts and golf outing prizes. One of our company missions is to help Charitable Golf Tournaments with fundraiser gifts. In fact, we have donated to hundreds of Charitable Golf Outings with the perfect goody bag gift idea for their events. Over the years we have helped church fundraisers, outings for schools and athletic programs, military veterans and wounded warriors events, golf tournaments for various disease related causes,  homeless and children related tournaments, and many other awesome charitable fundraiser causes.