Golf Tournament Gift Donations

Golf Tournament Gift Donations

5 Valuable Ideas to Consider BEFORE Asking

There are over ten thousand golf courses in the United States that will host potentially dozens of charitable golf tournaments every year. If we do the math, that means somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 golf fundraiser tournaments will be knocking on the doors of companies every year to ask for a hand out from people they don’t even know. And that’s just the Charitable Golf Outings! So how do you break through all the .. .

Here are 5 Ideas to consider before you go knocking for golf donations.

1.)     Show them the benefits – Clearly communicate a list of what REAL benefits a company will get in return for their donation. If you can’t present a few great reasons why they should participate, don’t go knocking. Put together an attractive list of good reasons to donate. Everyone is knocking on their door, and you will only have a few seconds to impress them. Here are a few ideas on how an event can get creative:

  • Grant them a tee sign with their logo on a golf hole
  • Offer Tee Times in return for gifts so they become friends of the event
  • Place their Name in the Tournament Program
  • Show their Logo in the “Thanks to Our Sponsors” event video
  • Offer An ad for Free on the tournament website
  • Give them a Free entry into the raffle
  • Give them a Free Mulligan’s package

2.)    Ask for a deal not a hand out – Many Companies really can’t afford to give away millions of dollars in donations, but maybe they DO want to help out your cause! If you are willing to work with them on a discount -maybe they will offer one! Here’s an idea – Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

3.)    Keep the donation gifts “golf relevant” – Golfers really don’t appreciate items that are for unrelated things. Coffee cups and calendars don’t get them exited, even if they are donated with the sponsor’s name. For the most effective Golf Tournament Gifts Donations, focus on companies with items GOLFERS will use and appreciate! This has the mutual benefit of being a win for everyone. And therefore their donation is actually an investment and not a throw away. If the cart boy even throws them all away, maybe you should skip it.

4.)    Ask for last year’s models or discontinued products – Companies will often have product leftover from last year in the back room that they may want to donate more than the current line products. Always remember to ask for Clearance product if they have it.

5.)    If They Say they are Not Interested – Ask if they know anyone who would be interested – Sometimes people really can’t donate anything, but maybe they know someone that would love to participate.


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