Golf Tournament Gift Bag A,B,C’s

The Golf Tournament Gift Bag A-B-C’s

Are you responsible for finding the upcoming golf goody bag prizes, well here are some golf tournament gift bag A-B-C’s. We know many Golf Tournament Organizers think the quantity of their goodie or “swag” bag is important. While good intentioned, free pens, calculators and other miscellaneous items usually are discarded at the end of the tournament. These items may come from your sponsors (which is important to be sure), but what good are cheap items that go in the cart barn trash can? Here are the golf tournament gift bag a-b-c’s.

A. Select gifts that are easily attached to or go in the golf bag. These are primarily items that will go home with the participants and remind them of your tournament as they play golf and make them want to participate when next year’s event comes around. 

B. Stay within budget. We also know you are most likely on a budget. Every year golf tournament organizers like yourself will weigh the question of costs vs. benefits of their golf tournament gifts while keeping an eye on the main goal which is raising as much money as possible for the charity or cause.

C. Never give gifts that may be viewed as “Cheap.” One good rule of thumb is to put yourself in your tournament participants shoes (or spikes as the case may be!). Are you going to appreciate a coffee mug, coozie, and calendar? Do plastic water bottles, granola bars, and pens make you all warm and fuzzy?

D. Choose usable items. Your gift selections need to be hands on if possible. The bottom line is quality “logoed golf items” in your prize bags will outperform for both sponsors and participants alike. Here are a few examples – logo microfiber golf towel, logo club brush, logo divot tool or hat clip, and logo valuables pouch.

Why Multiple Tournament Gifts Under 5.00?

Multiple golf tournament gifts under $5.00 can make both your tournament participants and budget happy! Seek out affordable golf tournament gifts and golf outing prizes that satisfy GOLFERS. One of our company missions is to help Charitable Golf Tournaments with their fundraising gifts. In fact, we have assisted hundreds of Charitable Golf Outings with the perfect goody bag gift idea for their events. Over the years we have helped church fundraisers, golf outings for schools and athletic programs, first responders, military veterans and wounded warriors events, golf tournaments for various disease-related causes,  homeless and children-related tournaments, and many other awesome charitable fundraiser causes. Please visit our testimonials and read our thank you letters. Over the years, our associates have served on committees of many Golf Fundraisers so we understand the complexities of putting on a memorable and profitable golf tournament. We have also been in the golf merchandise trade for over 30 years and have great resources and contacts. It is a proper balance from these 2 perspectives that has allowed us to assist over 1000 organizations with their golf tournament gift bag A-B-C’s. We’d like to lend a hand to your next golf tournament as well, but we also realize you need to give as much as possible back your important cause. You can count on us to be your trusted source for ideal and affordable golf outing gifts. We will do everything possible to help you maintain the perfect balance of not exceeding golf tee prize budget but never giving gifts that underwhelm your participants. Always Remember your Golf Tournament Gift Bag A-B-C’s.