The benefits of golf tournament giveaway gifts

Every year thousands of charity golf tournament committees will question the costs vs. the benefits of their golf tournament giveaway gifts. Remember, everyone knows you want to raise as much money for the charity as possible, but you should balance that with sponsor satisfaction and player retention. If you are in search of sensible, affordable goodie bag gifts, here are some long standing principles that will keep your investment solid.

  1. The best prizes are those that help satisfied sponsors. If you have goodie bag items that deliver loyal customers and investment returns to your sponsors, the gifts are right. If you need to look for new sponsors every year, maybe you need to include gifts that help promote your sponsors more?
  2. Sensible gifts that help retain players for next years tournament. To make sure your giveaway gifts are memorable, remember the ideal giveaway leaves a positive impression, and keep participants coming back year after year. If the cart boy is throwing your gifts away at day’s end, you have probably lost a large number of players for next year’s tournament. Few people return to a restaurant that under deliver. It is less expensive to keep a participant then to go find a new one.
  3. Great prizes keep the player using them – If the golf tournament giveaway gifts are not useful or redeemable, they are basically useless and will be forgotten the minute the event is over. Focus on items that can be used while golfing or redeemable for fun times after the event. Re-usability is one of the best benefits of golf tournament giveaway gifts.
  4. Good gift selections help players recall your event. Quality giveaway prizes are those that last a long time and bring about memories. Golf Balls go into the woods or pond. Pens and cheap calculators get left in the bag and forgotten. And cheap shirts and hats go straight to the goodwill store. Focus on quality items that can be used throughout the year.

Here are my Top 10 sensibly-priced, golf-related giveaway gifts for goodie bags

1. Nice Golf Towel

2. Golf Club Brush

3. Golf Divot Tool with Ball Marker

4. Cap Clip with Ball Marker

5. Logo Performance Golf Tees

6. Golfers Valuables Pouch or Shoe Bag

7. Duffle Bags

8. Golf Alignment Rod

9. Golf Cap (High Quality only)

10. Coffee Mug or Thermos (High Quality Only)

Mark Ziminsky has been a golf industry consultant for over 26 years. He has worked with over 500 golf shops, and has helped many golf tournaments find quality tournament gifts that are budget-friendly. See what other tournament organizers have to say about Greens Towel. Check out our Testimonials.

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