5 Golf Outing Gift Mistakes

5 Golf Outing Gift Mistakes

What good are golf outing giveaways that are golfer throwaways? Tournament planners should focus on saving money, but not at the risk of impacting players negatively. The primary reason for golf tournament gifts is to positively impact the event and hopefully retain players for next years event. If your tee prizes are not bringing lots of smiles, re-think your strategy. Even when you get your outing gifts donated,  if players throw them away they have cost you more than you realize. Here are a few tee prize ideas to ensure your help the cause:

Choose Golf Gifts over Non-Golf Gifts

Tournament participants are rarely into logo pens, T-shirts, or coffee mugs. In fact, watch the reaction most players give as they look in the goody bags. Cheap “free-bee” items are a better fit for corporations to give to their customers. If the donated pen goes in the trash and the t-shirt stays in the drawer, does that make a player remember your event fondly? Put something in the goody bag that they will actually use when golfing, and will remind them each time they use it while playing.

Choose Subtle Logos over Large Logos

Most players in today’s golf tournaments are B-Types, and they are not into being noticed. The trend these days is to keep logos small and subtle, so if you want players to use wear the item – use subtle logos.  In fact, many more events are now giving gifts with no logo. Remember, the logo is probably more important to you than it is to the participants, so avoid turning your gifts into Goodwill donations. Golfers want small logos or no logo at all, so keep it subtle. Here’s a few tips to help you out:

Embroidered  cap with the golf course logo on the front and the event name on the back.

Cabretta glove with the event name on the patch.

Microfiber pocket towel with your logo embroidered in the corner.

Money clip with the event logo on a built in coin.

Choose 2 or 3 small Prizes over 1 Big Item

The problem with 1 large players gift is the potential of “missing” with many of the participants. Your intent is great, but what if they don’t need a travel cover or rangefinder? What if they like the one they have now better? What if they only play golf a few times a year? When you have a generous budget for golf gifts, select several to increase the odds of participant satisfaction. Remember to add a non-golfing item for those who are not regular golfers. Here are a few popular tournament gift ideas for generous budgets:

Golf Gifts under $10.00 – golf caps, divot tools, hat clips, greens towels, groove brushes, tees, alignment rods, ball markers, sunscreen, lip balm, money clips.

Golf Gifts over $10.00 – caddy towels, umbrellas, head covers, putter covers, golf shoes.

Non-Golfing Gifts over $10.00 –  duffle bags, electronics gadgets, shaving kits, wallets, shoe bags, sun glasses, apparel, outerwear, barbecue sets.

Budget a Mid-Year Thank-you Gift

This year, get out of the box and try something creative. Send every participant from this years tournament a “Save the Date” thank-you gift. Many golfers play in more than 1 event and are being recruited to play others. Set yourself apart from other events with an appreciation gift and ask them to save the date for next years event. This gift does not have to be big or expensive, just memorable and usable.

Think of Gifts as Investments – Not Expenses

Golf Outing Gifts are not costly expenses, they are brand investments. Golf tournament prizes will either help you impress players positively or negatively. Experts say, “It is less expensive to keep a customer happy, than it is to get a new one”.  Look at your golf outing prizes as your best opportunity to make positive lasting impressions. Choose golf gifts that are creative, practical and actually get used! These are the best golf tee prizes.



Mark Ziminsky has been a Golf Merchandise Consultant for 24 years. He has worked with Golf Outings and Tournaments from Church Fundraisers to Charitable and Corporate Golf Events. To find the best golf outing gifts you can reach him by e-mail:  z@clipwipes.com